The words ‘Artist Statement’ seem too formal and precise for my approach (being in danger of morphing into a long book!)

I would prefer that my work, rather than words, informs the enquirer about who I am and what my creations are about, especially since the meaning changes, depending on both internal and external influences.

Being an artist does require some courage, a lot of persistence, and the willing acceptance of so called ‘mistakes’. These are important and, as in life, need to be incorporated into the learning experience. They are never wasted, and often used to fertilise new ideas.

Much of the impetus to create stems from my love of nature, significant incidents, and lived experiences.

My output includes painting in all media, printing, mosaic, pottery, murals, illustration and embroidery. I also enjoy teaching those who think they have no talent occasionally.

I am increasingly concerned with the materials I use, and have now completely eschewed acrylics, given their petrochemical origins. I use acid free materials and mounts to ensure longevity.

My work is scattered in collections across the world.

J.C-M, 2023


Theatre Backdrop by Jennifer Copley-May

Theatre Backdrop by Jennifer Copley-May

COMMISSIONED WORKS: include illustrations for books, posters, brochures; mosaics for a fountain and 2 swimming pools, murals, theatre backcloths, paintings and drawings.

EXHIBITIONS: group and solo shows in Europe since the 80s. Please contact me if you’re interested in exhibiting any of my work.

TEACHING EXPERIENCE: I particularly enjoy teaching art to those who think they have no natural ability and am keen to interest others in producing genuinely original work. I’m often happy to mentor those with an artistic project in mind who lack skill, confidence or both.

CHARITY: I donate a percentage of the profits from some of my sold works to mental health charities in particular.

July 2019